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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues Bre-X and Climate Change Date 06/02/2005
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The Ghost of BreX returns as global warming, scam-wise.

And salting of gold mines may be one thing, but the salting of diamond prospects is something that Pierpont, amongst others, have not yet mastered.

By Louis Hissink Email / Print

Stephen McIntyre has alluded to the Bre-X mining scam in his new web blog here under The Sceptical Geologist, for reasons which I have no idea.

Scams - should we add global warming to Iraq-oil-for-food to the list?

And why do mining industry types have the courage to air all this dirty linen publicly?


Oh, I must advise that the Diplomad has ceased blogging.

And in his second installment the Sceptical Geologists alludes to our own Pierpont, and his deliberations on the art of salting. Not in the manner of "over the shoulder" type old wimmin tales, but of the gold type.

Except that your lowly scribe averred to the carbonisation of other mineral deposits, which have nothing to do with carbon-sequestration that the greens are obsessed with at the moment.

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