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"Neurosurgeons do not scrape - they "evacuate", John Hayman, July 2005
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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues The Hissink File - 19 July 2005 Date 19/07/2005
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SMERSH- Science, Medicine, Education, Religion and all that S**t
By Louis Hissink Email / Print

Your scribe was away exploring these last two weeks and while the owner of a HD digital set top box and a plasma screen, rarely watches TV at home, so it was with some bemusement that more TV was watched out bush.  Either that or being soundly trounced at various card games by the two young university geophysicis students doing their honours practical!

Unfair Dismissal Laws and Hypocrisy

It seems Senator Vanstone has kept her job but watching the Today Show a few days ago on the satellite TV at Wooleen Station, it struck me that the interviewer was quite concerned that the guilty parties, if there were actually any in the Immigration department, were not sacked. I wonder if the Today team are selective in reporting facts? Are they aware that the anti-dismissal laws require initially a written warning, followed by two further written warnings if the issue repeats....... and of course we are not told that the government cannot just sack the guilty in immigration - since they are protected by the, yes, anti-dismissal legislation. And we must not forget the Humphrey Appleby factor too in this media hypocrisy.

Amazing isn't it - if the guvmint tries to sack someone all hell breaks loose in the ACTU and their fellow travellers, but when it is the sacking of a minister of the government, for failures made by others, no a word about the Anti-dismissal law that is invoked to protect "workers". One rule for them, another for us. Indeed.

It was sad to see the TV news about the London bombings and it did take the heat off the global warming issue. It now seems that Kyoto is dead. Treaty that is, but the belief that anthropogenic CO2 is causing climate change remains strong in our ruling classes. Imagine that - a gas that is rarely mentioned in the chemical composition of the earth's atmosphere, is given monumental importance. It seems much like "Pathological science" a term coined by Nobel-laureate in chemistry Irving Langmuir in a presentation he made at General Electric's Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory a few years before his death in 1957. Langmuir described typical cases as involving such things as barely detectable causal agents observed near the threshold of sensation which are nevertheless asserted to have been detected with great accuracy. The supporters offer fantastic theories that are contrary to experience and meet criticisms with ad hoc excuses. And, most telling, only supporters can reproduce the results. Critics can't duplicate the experiments.

Climate change seems to fit this definition- minute quantities of a gas (CO2) forming 0.0378% of the earth's atmosphere by volume, and temperature anomalies in the order of decimals of a degree Celsius, an accuracy that until only recently has only been achieved with modern digital thermometers.  And human caused changes in the minute quantities are believed to herald the end of civilisation as we know it.

And Professor Phillip Stott, writing on Spiked Online, summarises the situation rather neatly here. An extract: Despite all the hype, where 'global warming' is concerned, the Greens have failed to force their paranoid religion on to the world. Like many Europeans, most Canadians are happy to talk 'green', while they continue to promote a profligate and hedonistic lifestyle that would make even George Bush blush beneath his Texan hat. In yuppie Yaletown and gaudy Gastown, patio heaters spring up like salmonberries. Canadian suburbs should be renamed the SUVurbs, while Canadian drivers idle with the best.

Let's not forget that mainstream science, or what passed for it in Galileo's time, was convinced that sun orbited the earth. Today their successors believe we are, by emitting plant food, warming the planet. Planet? That enormous rocky ball under our feat? More likely that the media have got it wrong again.


Some weeks ago I suggested readers should check on the results from the Deep Impact experiment when a copper projectile was fired into the comet . It seems the the scientists involved with the electric universe theories were correct - with some concise explanations given here and elsewhere in the archives here. Just follow the Deep Impact titles and references.

Mainstream science remains perplexed by the results of Deep Impact. Heretics remain nonplussed.


The Chinese? War with the Chinese? Might be interesting to go back in history and see who were the last super power in the Far East, and what changed the global power structure.

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