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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues The Hissink File - 21 April 2008 Date 21/04/2008
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Louis Hissink takes on some of the scare-mongering concerning Global Warming and Climate Change with what may be termed as some "inconvenient facts" related to factual history of the Earth over millions of years. Including the co-relation, or lack-of, between CO2 atmospheric concentration and surface temperature.
By Louis Hissink Email / Print

“Climate-Change is a non-problem. The correct policy to address a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing” – Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley – 2007.

Henry’s resident virtual climate sceptic has been busy beavering away writing up the longish article explaining the Electric Universe in economics-speak, at the same time running a mineral exploration program in the Kimberley and editing the next AIG News newsletter. To add to his workload Jennifer Marohasy made a similar request as Henry, so this week’s Hissink File focuses on an inconvenient geological fact which the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley pointed to when countering the Hansen Hysteria over global warming.  (He will send his electric universe article to Henry once it has been peer reviewed)!

Now Global Warming proselytiser James Hansen of NASA and his team decided to study core samples taken off the ocean floors back to some 35 million years ago when the world started to glaciate and the average CO2 content of the atmosphere was about 450ppmv.  Hansen stated to The Guardian Newspaper that if this 450ppmv level was maintained for a long enough time, it would probably melt all the ice, raising sea levels by 75 metres and creating a disaster.  Hansen’s problem is that his team cherry-picked the data because if one goes back 600 million years, some geologically inconvenient facts emerge as shown on the accompanying graph.

This graph is a reconstruction of atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global mean surface temperatures back to the Cambrian era when life suddenly exploded onto the earth’s surface.

There is no correlation between CO2 and surface temperature, so one simply has to accept the fact that CO2 has nothing to do with the earth’s surface temperature.

Another inconvenient fact are those pesky oceans submerging 70% of the earth’s surface.  Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee as shown that the earth’s atmospheric CO2 content is dependent on the sea surface temperature, and in typical engineering fashion comes up with a simple graph to explain it below. (The world’s oceans release CO2 when they warm, and absorb it when they cool). The earth’s oceans are simply an enormous CO2 buffering system).

Now the interesting point that needs to be made is that in the last Hissink File, mention was made of a decreasing global temperature and a suspicion that atmosphere CO2 was starting to level off.  If Endersbee is right, and cooler global temperatures are expected for the next three years, then atmosphere CO2 content should also decrease as it is sequestered by the world’s oceans. This seems to be happening and probably explains the growing hysteria among the climate alarmists.  The only climate catastrophe is in the computer models, because the earth is certainly not now behaving as expected.

A third point that could be made from looking at the first graph is that the geologically diminishing levels of atmospheric CO2 levels could be equated with an ever increasing sea masses, with water not being there from the start, but gradually increasing in volume on the earth’s surface from mantle degassing over geological time.  Note that the first graph also shows rapid periodic increases in atmospheric CO2 that then peter out over time. These CO2 Peaks also correlate with three global igneous events, the last one coinciding with the largest eruption of kimberlites known. Kimberlites are CO2 supercharged upper mantle magmas that occasionally carry diamonds, but no one really knows why they erupt when they do.  Why we don’t even know what triggers them deep in the mantle, though there are some novel proposals published in the heretical science journals. But what they do achieve is to emit enormous amounts of mantle derived CO2. The inconvenience is that geologically that hasn’t caused any change in global mean temperature.

Finally we need to be wary of those who propose carbon trading because it is fast becoming clear that we are dealing with the latest morphing of the Rent-Seekers, who make money from manipulating the economic and/or legal environment, rather than from unhampered trade.  This is particularly so with the sale of climate-alarmist videos and books paid for by governments to indoctrinate the world’s youth still at school.

To find out more about the thoughts of Henry and the Henry Thornton contributors and readership, please visit the Henry Thornton Climate change & global warming page.

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