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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues Slow down ... Date 29/10/2009
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... the rush to deindustrialise or economy.
By Sir Wellington Boote Email / Print
Henry ... this article from the London Telegraph is really very interesting. It is a review of a book giving us the political history of the climate change question ... or 'the sky is falling' depending on your politics.
As we are only about 6 weeks away from Lord knows what in Copenhagen I think that your readers should start to give some serious thought to the Ruddite view that somehow we in Australia have to start de-industrializing our society to save the world. Australians will not be as easily stampeded into this questionable situation as the politicians are. From what I can see the whole rush to get an ETS is just another tax grab by Canberra. Taking money from the pockets of the consumer is ALWAYS the worst way to promote economic development and long term security and prosperity.
A fundamental problem with this situation is the ever present desperation of Australian leaders (on both sides) to present themselves to the world as big players. Our Canberran lust to 'punch above our weight class' is an embarrassing delusion which unfailingly infects every politician who enters the ACT. Kevin 747 is clearly a believer in all the smarmy tosh that other world politicians tell him. Kevin believes he is terrific because so many people (who are themselves terrific) have told him so.
Once you have fallen for this flannel you chain your country to every piece of hip hip hooray international scam on offer. The Copenhagen jamboree is the most obvious one to date; although those talks on nuclear matters with the Iranians have potential to let Kevin expand his chest to resemble a spinnaker on Sydney Harbor on December 26.
Henry, with the Copenhagen conference so close don't you think it passing strange that we have not seen any preliminary documents from the event ... you know, the sort of scientific and position papers which promote interesting public comment and raise sensible questions. We haven't seen anything like this because the scammers at Copenhagen don't want any reaction except the 'sky is falling' scenario which this book attacks.
I have long been a skeptic on this matter (somewhat like being a recusant in 16th century England); I don't deny that the climate is erratic at the moment, what I am unconvinced of is that we humans are primarily (and decisively) the cause. Clearly we contribute something but I think the (scientifically demonstrated) current irregularities in the behaviour of the Sun is far more powerful in effecting that gigantic and mysterious mechanism called 'the Earth's climate'.
If we in Australia looked at the climate situation and for prudence sake decided to adopt far more stringent rules concerning our use of all the resources of life I would be a keen supporter. Our national record to date for the use of water, electricity, land, coastal environments, industrial processes and such like is not really very good. We could certainly sharpen up our national act in these matters and more besides. However, to cry out like the idiotic British Prime Minister that ' we have 50 days to save the planet' is insulting to anyone with an education. We are not on the 'Titanic' Henry ... the end is not nigh.
Commonsense will tell us that we should 'make haste slowly' in this slippery field of climate change. The issue is a maze of smoke and mirrors, even a clever Cabinet lad or lassie can be misled. The science is not all cut and dried as the scammers would have us believe; it is not all about climate matters as the anti-capitalists know; it is not obvious to the ordinary Australian worker that de-industrializing the West is the way to have a better future.
The worst aspect of this whole situation is the steady growth of yet another layer of 'thems' to tell 'us' what to do and how to do it. This aspect is, of course, what really motivates the watermelon Greens (green on the outside, red on the inside). They couldn't control us via communism so they will have another go via cries about the end of the world. The dopes in Canberra will play along with all the bunkum that will be agreed to in Copenhagen because it enables our leaders to strut the world stage like Caesars.
Poor fella my country.
Sir Wellington Boote.
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