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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues The week in China - 19 February 2010 Date 19/02/2010
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The Chinese for tiger is ĎHuí

Will this indeed be the year of the tiger?

By Graeme Mills Email / Print

From My Fatherís Wisdom: My (Meiís) father waited for me to calm down and then he said, ďI read a book, I forgot who wrote this book, but the writerís words have accompanied me my whole life. When I had the hard times in cultural revolution and I couldnít supported myself, I just reminded myself what the writer had said, that any good things or bad things they come and they go. When good things come be happy and enjoy them. When bad things come, donít be sad, remember, like the good things, they will pass. He said, donít yearn for the days that have past and donít fancy the future, live now. If you live just in the now, then your life will become easy.

Gossip from the Forrest: The Chinese New Year celebrations are well underway. It was reported that there were 210 million journeys taken by rail.

Mei mentioned that farmers in China do not have to pay tax now:

"I have been working on farms for most of my life. I never expected that one day I would not need to pay taxes," said 69-year-old Zhang.

At the Second Session of the Tenth National People's Congress, which opened in Beijing Friday, 2004, Premier Wen Jiabow said China would abolish agricultural taxes in five years.

China will exempt farmers from agricultural taxes in 2006, two years ahead of schedule, Premier Wen Jiabao announced in Beijing yesterday in his annual government work report to the country's top legislature.

An interesting idea for the National Party? Love to see them get that one through.

Photos of people at the Guiyuan Temple, Wu Han, praying to Ďcai shení (the money god) to make their 2010 prosperous, a New Year tradition.

CCTV Ė Dialogue was in holiday mode and mostly covered stories of general interest. As Mei pointed out last week, they will not say much about America until there is a response to Chinaís position on Taiwan.

Chinaís position on the Dalai Lama is clear. It would appear that America is, however, responding in a measured way. The meeting with the Dalai Lama was very low key. Face was saved on both sides.

A comment from China Daily: 'Sales of weapons to Taiwan is more complex. The Senate may find grounds to either stop the sale or water it down thus saving face for the President and China. We await further developments'.

The Toyota recalls were discussed. Toyota was asking why the U.S Government is attacking Toyota. It is like the 1980ís auto industry trade wars between the U.S and Japan. Toyota suggested that the American government was supporting GM for political reasons and also because it has a vested interest as it is a major shareholder.

Why cover this issue, I mused. Was it because China is aiming at being a major exporter of motor vehicles and was highlighting a major competitorís problems?  Chinese vehicle manufacturers and exporters will have to address those problems if they want to be successful. It was noted that China will need to establish a global reputation based on quality and reliability if it is to succeed.

New Year reflects social challenges. There is a China size migration. From Jan 30th to March 10th  more than 210 million rail passengers will travel to and from home. 

Tiger protection was addressed. China acknowledged the problem and is looking to do something about it.

Avatar was discussed, believe it or not. The was a discussion with a Sth Africa Judge on Aids The history of the Gu Chin an ancient Chinese stringed instrument was the subject of one programme.

And the week ended with a magnificant dummy spit over President Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, best thought of as the tiger rattling its cage.

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