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Henry Thornton - Lifestyle: A discussion of economic, social and political issues Not yet, Caaaarlton! Date 02/05/2010
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Caaaarlton! lack two key position players but have stepped up from last year.
By Henry Thornton Email / Print

Last week's surprise win against the reining premiers Geelong was too good to be true.

Today saw a return to reality, defeated by a larger, stronger, more experienced Collingwood.

Satanta O'hAilpin set a new recoed for players from Ireland with five goals.  Satanta's little helpers tried hard but only Eddie Betts produced his required 3 goals, with Yarran and Gartlett outmuscled and possibly overawed.

Collingwood's power forwards dominated Carlton's game but undersized backline.  Waite and Henry's distant relative Brett Thornron will presumably be back next week for another epic battle, this time against St Kilda, the world's most boring football team, also perhaps this year the most successful.

Caaaarlton! are two or three key position players short of a top 4 team.  Its midfield is first rate, its forward line is effective when the ball moves fast enough, but the backs lack experience and, above all, sheer size and muscle.

Judd, Murphy, O'hAilpin, Gibbs, Russel, newcomer White and Kreuzer all played well but its time, coach Rattan, to bring back the old lags already mentioned while you hunt down a centre-half-back and another power forward.

It hurts to say this, but Collingwood this year look like the real deal.  We look forward to playing them when they are on the way down and we are still rising.

Ken Henry's tax reform, one regrets to say, is a fizzer.  Compulsory superannuation will rise (very slowly) to 12 %, mining profits will be slugged, small business will pay less tax (also well in the future) and most of Dr Henry's recommendations have been given the thumbs down.  Dare we say that is what comes of listening to fellow drinkers in a North Queensland pubs, Dr H.

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