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Henry Thornton - Politics: A discussion of economic, social and political issues WA - do we wish to keep it in the Federation? Date 05/05/2010
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'The people of Western Australia will not sit idly by while they are robbed. At some point they will rebel and do so in a very powerful fashion.
By Sir Wellington Boote Email / Print
Henry ... this little story from Tuesday's Australian is, I fear, a sign of things to come. As with all things handled by the Untalented Mr. Rudd this mining tax has been bungled. The Bruvvers see Western Australia as a cash cow and nothing more. The total mismanagement of NSW by the incompetent ALP governments since the mid 1990s .. Carr, Iemma, Rees and now our very own Annie Oakley .. has driven the the Rudd government to the wall.
This useless Rudd government is now dominated by NSW Senator Arbib (a nice Jewish boy from North Africa and related by marriage to the Treasurer of New South Wales, Eric Roozendaal) and the Member for Grayndler Anthony Albanese ( a nice Italian peasant boy from some village or other somewhere in the boot of Italy). These two rocket scientists are Sydney ward heeling politicians of the very worst kind .. narrow,poorly educated, unread, sectional, concerned entirely with pockets (the closer the better), uninterested in the real world of national politics and without a single idea for which they are known. (Self promotion doesn't count as an idea.)
Because of their political inabilities NSW government finances and policies are now a shambles due to the sub zero talent pool they put into the State Parliament when they were running the NSW ALP (and government) from Sussex Street. To solve this problem and try and save Annie Oakley's broken down government they have hit on the stategem of robbing Western Australia.
The wealth now coming up from the ground in WA is possible because of 40 odd years of Western Australian governments of both persuasions putting in billions of dollars in infrastructure. Not a dollar came from Canberra. Now that the wealth is here the Canberra thieves have decided that WA should be robbed to subsidise the bludgers in Sydney.
Henry, they are bludgers in Sydney because they have let a magnificent city decline dramatically and head toward some West African destiny. The stolen monies from Western Australian mines will be used to patch up the more egregious disasters which occur in that formerly great city. This is the real game plan behind the new WA mining tax.
The arguments about whether to have the tax or when to introduce it or how much it should be (all the content of real national politics) are not put in Rudd's Canberra. The money is needed now because Annie Oakley gallops up to the Last Chance Saloon at the end of March 2011. The bruvvers in Sydney need the money desperately and so Western Australia will be robbed.
Clearly the Bruvvers have written WA off at the coming federal elections. It would also be in their interests to keep the number of Labor MPs from WA to a bare minimum; easier to rob people who have few defenders.
Henry, I think I am right when I tell you that the people of Western Australia will not sit idly by while they are robbed. At some point they will rebel and do so in a very powerful fashion.
Someone will rise up in Western Australia and put these ideas to the people and they will react. No one likes to be robbed. Most people will put up a fight to avoid being robbed. The Sydney-based robbers who are behind this attack on Western Australia are themselves cunning but not courageous, determined but not tough, self centred but not smart. When the robbers encounter real resistance in Western Australia they will run.
On a closing note I would remind readers that WA has already had one go (in the 1930s) at secession from Australia. It passed the necessary vote by the electors of Western Australia but the Privy Council in London knocked it on the head. It is perfectly legal for Western Australia to have another vote on this issue of seceeding from an Australian Commonwealth which is mistreating it. I think this mining tax robbery is a clear example of mistreatment. All it needs is someone in Western Australia to start pointing this out to the voters and the ideas of those rocket scientists Arbib and Albanese will start to look less than good.
By the way, Henry .. there is now no Privy Council in London to knock anything in Australia on the head. Advantage Perth.
Sir Wellington Boote. 
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