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Henry Thornton - Politics: A discussion of economic, social and political issues Julia by a nose Date 17/08/2010
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So there it is Henry ... the bruvvers win with 78 and the historical record remains firmly and sadly in the hands of poor Jim Scullin. The Senate vote will start to make sense a week later with the Sex Party doing remarkably well.
By Sir Wellington Boote Email / Print

Henry ... you've asked me and here it is . I've taken the latest column from 'Poll Position' which comes to us from the Business Spectator put out by Alan Kohler and other smart operators. Currently the Bruvvers have 88 seats in the House of Repsresentatives. These ladies and gentlemen have given us a very lax and yawn filled time since the excitment promised by Kevin07 in November of 2007. A lot has been promised and half started ... much of it has been poorly planned bunkum and some of it has been absolutely offensive. Internet censorship handled by Stephen Conroy is a standout insult, especially when they use the child porn lie as an excuse. This lie alone makes the Sex Party in the Senate a distinctly attractive proposition with 72 hours to go. This branch stacking dunce Conroy is looking and sounding very much like an official from North Korea.
As the GFC crashed upon us like the Hindenburg coming into land the stimulus package had to be thrown together in a big hurry and a panic and it was done so. The debt it incurred has not caused us any appreciable difficulties with currency exchange rates or our standing with the international credit rating companies. I'm now firmly of the view that the Australian punter vaguely now knows that we are stupendously rich with minerals and energy (although he doesn't yet know how little of all this is actually owned by Australians) and this motza will pay our way out from the debt.
During all this time Kevin 07 started to behave toward public servants, senior and junior and his parliamentary and ALP colleagues in a fashion that literally cannot be repeated in a publication with mixed readership. Old fashioned chaps like us Henry couldn't possibly write publicly about things like the dinner party story you told me. This degenerate behaviour finally got to the Bruvvers in the caucus and they exploded. They had put up with it for 2 years with heroic forbearance. It didn't come to a vote but if it had the 112 members of the Labor Caucus would have voted 80-32 Gillard versus Rudd. One has to work unbelievably hard and consistently to wreck one's career to that degree. Kevin Rudd was always a champion worker.
The campaign has been the worst in my 40 years of watching Australian election campaigns. The suggestion by 'Poll Position' that campaigns be lowered to 14 days now has serious merit in my eyes. The current requirement to have a minimum of 33 days of campaigning simply results in a prodigious and disgraceful auction of unconscionable amounts of money to buy seats. This has to stop. Short, sharp and to the point has to be the new paradigm for elections in Australia.
The campaign attacks on Tony Abbott will be effective. Electoral politics is a serious and tough contact sport. I am not in favor of softness and all the nice and polite demands of social workers and people who do not understand what politics is actually like. It is good for us to have a leader who is hard and very tough. He/she will always need to appear to the Australian voter as some sort of nice son/daughter -in-law. But in truth we need someone who is hard, nasty and very tough. All the other politicians he/she meets abroad will be tough and if we are not, we will be taken to the cleaners. The future (2010-2050) will have predominant problems of food and resources availability. We will have a lot of these vitals for ourselves and for maintaining our standard of living but lots of people and nations abroad will not. This will put serious military/political pressure on us. We need leaders who can tell the difference between Australia as a heavily armed nation state (willing to use the arms) and Australians who want a foreign policy made by the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.
When the polls start closing at 6pm on Saturday the Bruvvers will set out to lose about 14 seats and gain about 4. My suggestion is that Ms. Gillard will finally settle on 78 seats. My advice is to watch the seat of Forde in Queensland. This has emerged as my bell weather seat. The next government will hold Forde. Much of this is done by intuition which has served me well in politics over the past 40 years. I think the government will hold Eden-Monaro and Benelong. It may actually hold Lindsay, which contains the state seat of Penrith, the site of the recent slaughter of the Labor Party in a State by-election. The Bruvvers vote in Western Sydney will drop significantly across the board but not too many seats will fall. Queensland will be  a sad night for the Bruvvers, but I think Dawson and Leichhardt will be held.
The Labor gains will be in Victoria and South Australia. There will be no moves in Tasmania where, I am told, Tony Abbott does not warm the hearts of the locals...reasons unknown. Western Australia may see a Labor win in Canning with a good candidate Allanah McTiernan, a formidable former State minister but a Labor failure in Cowan which now has Labor boundaries won't help Julia in her quest for 78 seats. The loss of Solomon in the Territory could also be linked with the coalition loss of Parkes to an attractive Independent who is being actively supported by the three very excellent current Independents in the House of Representatives, Windsor/Oakshott/ Katter. The Greens will not gain Melbourne ... there will be a 'heart in the mouth' count but Labor will finally hold it. Sad result because the Labor candidate, Ms. Bowtell is a cardboard cutout 'Labor Luvvie' of the worst water.
The Greens are being promoted as gaining about 13-15% of the vote. I think it will be under 10%. The main problem with the Greens (beside their real leaders being a cadre of old communists and thus anti-capitalist, anti-Israel and anti-America and anti-the West) is that they have no idea at all how Australia can make the money needed to finance their easily invented Utopia of perfect social welfare with public health taking 100% of the budget, and state education taking another 100% and conservation measures and climate issues taking the next 100%. As for electricity ... well, we all know Henry that alternative energy supplies are there for the taking, that's as clear as the sun in the sky ... all we have to do is accept $2000 quarterly electricity bills. Everyone will do this because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. These verdant dopes never talk about the processes of actually making money but only ever about spending it, just like the old Soviet Union.
Along with a single figure Green Senate vote we can look forward to seeing the end of Senator Fielding. Rarely has a man as useless as Steven Fielding wasted valuable time in the Senate. His tiresome and offensive attempts to force an evangelical world view onto Australia via the laws of Parliament will soon be over. Perhaps in his retirement he can start thinking about becoming a Christian. He clearly wants to be one (the real brand carries my personal endorsement, Henry). If so he will find out that Christianity is NOT the basis for the organization of a nation state in the wide and wicked world, like Judaism is (unsuccessfully with Israel) and Islam is (to various degrees of success with 56 impoverished and backward Sharia dominated countries around the globe). Christianity is directed at individuals not at groups, Senator ... Australia is about the individual, not the group, Senator. Didn't you ever figure this out? When you have learnt this you will begin to have an understanding of the excellent advice we all received from Jesus: "render to God the things that are God's and to Caesar the things that are Caesar's." Australians just love this idea and want EVERY politician to hold with this view.

 So there it is Henry ... the bruvvers win with 78 and the historical record remains firmly and sadly in the hands of poor Jim Scullin. The Senate vote will start to make sense a week later with the Sex Party doing remarkably well. You would be amazed Henry at the people who will vote for a Libertarian party which militantly opposes internet censorship, bureaucratic interferers in the deepest and most private matters of the personal life and arrangements of the ordinary citizens. The Sex Party also takes a very strong line against Jim Wallace of the 'Christian Lobby' and his gang of 'professional' Christians who are dead keen to force an evangelical world view onto the rest of us via weak and silly politicians. The Sex Party also proudly  proclaims a straightforward pro-Australia attitude to all the matters that count in the wider world. You would be amazed at the kinds of people who will give them their Senate vote, Henry ... positively amazed!
Sir Wellington Boote.

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