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‘The art of political polemics, like the art of significant political journalism, is first to over-simplify the issues, for true clarity’s sake, and then to exaggerate them, for the sake of effect’. The Economist, 1964.
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Henry Thornton - Contributors: A discussion of economic, social and political issues Reader Submissions
Within Readers Submissions lie all articles submitted by interested visitors to Henry Thornton. All readers of Henry Thornton with something to say are encouraged to send through any submission for consideration for future publication on Henry Thornton - either anonymously or with attribution.

Please submit any article that you may wish to see published on Henry Thornton by sending an email through the email button immediately below - to assistant@henrythornton.com.

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Bubbles, Booms and other anima...
A reader expresses less confidence than Henry in the infallability of governments and central b »
Date: 15/01/2010
Author: PhilBest

Cornwall`s Cartoons, Q4, 2009...
Mark Cornwall brings you his latest take on the issues of the day.
Date: 28/12/2009
Author: Mark Cornwall

China`s response to Copenhagen...
'Copenhagen did not take centre stage in the Chinese media. The main focus was the 10th anniver »
Date: 22/12/2009
Author: Readers submission

Thoughts of Henry`s readers...
Modernizing by Leapfrogs and Bounds, Graeme Mills. »
Date: 19/12/2009
Author: Henry`s Readers

Origins of the Illegal Immigra...
The bottom line is this. It is the first duty of any government to protect its citizens, inc »
Date: 09/12/2009
Author: John Stone

Inferno; The Day Victoria Burn...
Foreword to the book of the same name, written by Roger Franklin and published in 2009 by Slatt »
Date: 24/11/2009
Author: Roger Franklin

Questions from a reader....
Dr Shann Turnbull probes the mysteries of money, especially virtual money, backed by marks in a »
Date: 12/11/2009
Author: Shann Turnbull

Americans Not as Worried about...
Rising doubts amongst Americans about climate change prevent further obstacles to any global ag »
Date: 26/10/2009
Author: Stephen Power

America as the last man Standi...
Geert Wilders, a Dutch Parliamentarian, speaks of the 'Islamisation of Europe' and the grave da »
Date: 20/10/2009
Author: Geert Wilders, Dutch Member of Parliament

If You`re Crook come to Cook...
A note from an Occasional Peripatetic Correspondent. »
Date: 08/10/2009
Author: John Hayman

Property development unzipped...
Property development woes - monetary policy, council obstruction or ponzi scheme - or all of »
Date: 05/10/2009
Author: PhilBest of New Zealand

Cornwall`s Cartoons, Q3, 2009...
Mark Cornwall brings you his latest take on the issues of the day. »
Date: 27/09/2009
Author: Mark Cornwall

Tampering with free markets...
A reader responds to 'What went wrong'. »
Date: 14/09/2009
Author: PhilBest from New Zealand.

The `Heads I Win; Tails You Lo...
New York's Attorney General gives a quick rundown of the bonus culture of America's largest »
Date: 05/08/2009
Author: Andrew Cuomo, NY Attorney General

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