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Gary Scarrebelotti

Gary Scarrabelotti is a Canberra-based political and business consultant and writer.


A former political staffer to Senator Brian Harradine, he has spent much of his time since 1995 advising companies and federal governments about the merits and methodologies of large-scale employee share ownership.


Recent Posts

Prompted by the heroic example of our late great friend and colleague, Mike Davis (aka Sir Wellington Boote), Gary recently decided to dust of his writing implements and “go public” in defence of Australia, of good government and of the civil society.


Gary Scarrabelotti is the inaugural winner of The Keating. This was created to reward the politician or writer who offers the bravest advice to voters, advice that generates deep reflection and desirable policy action, as did Paul Keating’s Banana Republic outburst in 1986.Specialities: The Arts, Politics - domestic and international, Corporate affairs; Cultural issues; History; the Arts

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