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March 22, 2020

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Louis Hissink

Louis Hissink (MSc, Macquarie University) was a consulting diamond geologist, formerly of John Taylors, Western Mining Corporation Ltd and De Beers. He has worked for other smaller companies in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


He is now retired living on the family farm near Bega on the Sapphire Coast.

His time now is spent mowing 30 acres of lawn, dodging plovers and trying to outwit rosellas, cockatoos, supervising herds of kangaroo lawn mowers, red-bellied black snake vermin terminators, and manages to also spend time on the model railway, playing music on the Hi Fi, studying economics, political theory and historical revisionism, apart from trying to explain the Earth’s geology using plasma physics.​

Specialities: Corporate

Recent Posts

March 15, 2017

Ho hum, we are assumed to be running out of gas mainly because we are not replacing our coal fired power stations as the result of the CO2 religion.  South Australia has an energy deficit and the rest of Australia will too once the CO2 religion is thoroughly embedded into Australian society.

Religion? Yes, because the CO2 religion is based on the pre-existing fear of biblical Armageddon. Surely Hissink has finally lost his marb...

January 3, 2017

Time passes quickly these days and it seems only like yesterday that I penned the most recent instalment of the Hissink File. Yet it’s been just over two months and so much has also happened globally that our readers might e wondering why I’ve been so unproductive.  Unproductive for the same reason that the world seems to be in a continuing economic recession, or if you are Caterpillar, in a mini-depression with 48 consecutive...

September 22, 2016

It seems Oil Shale production has peaked in the US and according to some, has started to decline, leading one to muse that US energy dependency is back on the table, and the search for secure oil supplies will be restarted, or so a recent contributor to David Stockman’s ‘Contra Corner’ writes.  This comes as no surprise to me since the West, and now the East, continue to believe that petroleum is biological in origin and thus...

September 1, 2016

Spring cleaning and Henry has moved house to a new web service; Henry’s Spring as it were, to coin a hackneyed phrase.

So we have survived another federal election and I have to say that the winning margin of one seat in the House of Representatives with an increase in independents in the Senate means our ‘lurch-to-the-left’ Liberal National Party will find it difficult to enact new legislation. And then on the other hand if th...

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