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Nude Live

Nude on Nude

Sydney Dance Company & Art Gallery of NSW

A rare treat put on by Sydney Dance Company and the Art Gallery of New South Wales this January is Nude – a non-linear dance staged by seven remarkable SDC dancers and choreographed by the ever-up-for-a-challenge Rafael Bonachela.

image: Sydney Dance Company dancers at Art Gallery of NSW, courtesy of Nude Live, SDC and AGNSW

If you have not already visited the exhibition Nude then you are missing an indulgence, Rodin’s The Kiss, Ron Muerk’s Wild Man, works by Bacon, Rembrandt, and Modigliani on loan from the Tate are presently on exhibition.

After the audience were wined and watered and advised not to touch the art work or the dancers – unless the dancers touched them first the Nude exhibition became the take-off point for the seven SDC dancers.

Initially everyone was hyper-aware of the dancers’ nudity but by the time the work was complete their bare skin seemed as much a costume as any of the skimpy outfits they wear in their many performances.

Have to mention that there was one performance where the audience were also required to be nude.

Only in Sydney would many of the male attendees turn up in cock rings. Hmmmph! That is not nude!

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