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  • Fiona Prior

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers

Perfetti Sconosciuti

Director: Paola Genovese

If the idea of a French farce executed with an Italian sensibility appeals, then you will love Paola Genovese’s Perfect Strangers.

This movie has an intelligent script, immaculate casting, a level of thoughtfulness not attempted in most films, and it is aimed at an adult audience. For what more could you ask?

A disparate group of close friends meets for a dinner and the fun begins. The psychologist in the group suggests they play a modern-day parlour game. The game involves everyone putting their mobile phones on the table and all messages and phone conversations to be made public property. What secrets could such close friends – three couples and one bachelor – have from one another?

You can imagine where the film goes from here. But not all the script developments are what you expect; some of the twists and turns will take you completely by surprise.

A highly diverting movie.

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