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Sunday Sanity Break, 30 April 2017 - Trump's first 100 days

Henry can recall no more divisive US politics. Around 40 % of voters seem warmly supporting President Trump, and a small number previous 'establishment' dwellers seem unable to recognise his legitimacy. Compare the rally in Pennsylvania - a previously long-standing Democratic state - with anti-Trump demonstrations in Washington.

The new President is 'all over the place' according to many establishment figures, but seems to be learning fairly fast. Has he 'drained the swamp'? No, but he has surely tested many entrenched positions. He has stood up to Russia in Syria and palled up with China in the hope, perhaps expectation, that China will help bring sense to North Korea.

A lot has been made of the President being rude to our Prime Minister in their first conversation by telephone. One presumes traditional friendship will be restored when they meet at the Coral Sea 75th anniversary celebration on a retired aircraft carrier in the USA. 'America first' was a great slogan for the election campaign but it is almost amusing to see how impossible it is for an American president not to become embroiled in problems of the world.

Establishments in many places are being challenged. Brexit was the first, Trump the second and now in France the two leading candidates are Le Pen from the far right and Macron, like Trump a person with no political experience. Whoever wins will shake up the French political establishment.

In Australia, the Turnbull government has had a few wins but signs are that the budget will be a tame affair. Sadly, Henry concludes that many of our unsustainable trends written about here will be resolved by a miserable recession. The RBA leaders have discussed some issues, and especially the single most unsustainable trend, which is the excessive growth and level of household debt. But other agencies seem to Henry to be being excessively cheery. Treasurer Scott tends to give the game away. He words are cheerful - things are improving, voters - but his presentation is shrill and he almost never looks cheerful.


Fiona Prior sees Sydney Dance Company’s latest production ORB. More here

The Sporting Life

Yesterday's glorious win by a young Caaaarlton! team over a former great team from Sydney was Henry's happiest day of the year. Seeing Hawthorn thrashed by St Kilda in Tasmania was a nice follow-up. Interesting discussion on Offsiders about where Sydney and Hawthorn 's different list management strategies seem to have let them down.

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