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Saturday Sanity Break, 30 September 2017 - What's happening?

Traveling in North-central Australia involves a decided lack of news. TV at night tells the stories of the latest North Korean-American abuse and leaves room for fears of a mistake leading to accidents, possibly a nuclear exchange. Otherwise it is all road accidents, home invasions, kids shooting themselves in the face and so on.

(Shows the original 'Trilemma'. More below)

Most towns have either Telstra or Optus phone access, rarely both. Equally often, most do not have internet access and almost none have 'southern' newspapers. Yesterday, however, we found in Quilpie a newsagent with the day's Australian AND last weekend's Australian.

The latter publication had a wonderful summary by the old master, Paul Kelly, about the horrible state of Australian energy policy. Much debate about the 'Trilemma' - inability to achieve three objectives, affordability, reliability and emission reduction targets. I particularly liked Rod Sims' comments quoted by Kelly: 'With three problems you need three solutions'.

(Australia's monetary policy also has three problems: the economy, house prices and the excessive currency value, and also needs three solutions. Provided here, but not yet

understood even by Australia's leading journos, or apparently not even by Dr Lowe, the most highly paid government official in Australia. Gor blimey, mate, for goodness side wake up.)

Henry's main aim today is to find a comfy spot to watch the Grand final. Go Richmond!

Stop press: What a win for the Tiges. Another win for the battlers. And a new level intensity has been demonstrated.

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