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Sculpture by the Sea 2017

The 21st year of this site specific, temporary exhibition of sculptures studding the coastline from Tamarama to Bondi.

You have until 5 November to put on your walking shoes and catch that glorious seascape, big blue sky and some human touches that will provoke your gasps of 'Oh how lovely!' and/or 'Oh my god!' along with your usual 'oohs' and 'arghs' at the natural beauty. The quality of artworks at Sculpture by the Sea is always uneven but every year one work jumps out of the crowd and claims its place as your favourite.

A little taste of what’s in store below:


image: Trip I, Trip II, Trip III by April Pine

"Three figures meander their way across the rocks on their journey towards the surf. Each figure (is) independent in their moment whilst paused in motion.

image: In the Grain of Sand by Andrea Vinkovic

" Inspired by microscopic images of pollens, planktons and fragments of skeletons that form natural sand.

image: In the Grain of Sand by Andrea Vinkovic

image: Littoral Echo by Sonia Payes (detail)

"Explores the themes of life, water and adaptation in the face of environmental change.

image: Sun Light (No. 3) by Cui Yi (detail)

"According to the shape of the stone, I made the surrounding structure. The two share a common conflict which becomes stronger in the pure nature of the sea.

image: The Last Charge by Harrie Fasher (detail)

"A centenary memorial to the charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba, in Palestine on October 31, 1917. The work captures the chaos and power of the cavalry at full gallop.

image: Rangerer by Xia Hang

"Influenced by on-line games, the cyborg-like mosquito has a deeper warning making real how robotic weaponry might actually work.

image: Under the Sky by Stephen Marr

"A fusion of painting, sculpture and storytelling. In this era of global conflict, I have created a work og goodwill. Two people greet in an embrace bridging race, creed nationality.

Images of these sculptures come courtesy of my mobile phone on an overcast day!

And back to Henry here.

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