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Each year Sydney designs a stunning light show that is a family favourite.

From 25 May to 16 June 2018, enjoy the dazzle!

image: Lighting of the Sails: Metamathamagical by lighting designer Jonathan Zawada, courtesy of

For the 10th Anniversary of Vivid Sydney, celebrated Australian artist Jonathan Zawada has created a site-specific artwork that transforms the Sydney Opera House sails into a series of kinetic digital sculptural forms that continuously morph on a psychadelic loop. Inspired by the Australian environment, his forms are dazzling.

image: 1000 Cranes by artist collective Ambient & Co, courtesy of

"1000 Cranes is inspired by an ancient Japanese legend: if a group of 1000 origami cranes (known in Japanese as senbazuru) are hung in one’s home it will act as a powerful and benevolent charm and bring good luck.

The 'senbazuru legend' found new and poignant relevance in Japan through the actions of a young girl tragically affected by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Sadako Sasaki was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation from the bombing and by age 12 had developed leukaemia. After months in hospital, Sadako-san was inspired to begin the intricate process of folding 1000 origami cranes. She became too weak to finish the project but after her death, her classmates completed the senbazuru in her honour. Influenced by her story the practice of senbazuru grew in popularity throughout Japan.

(*The senbazuru legend is possibly one of the most beautiful and evolving legends) in our world.)

image: EORA Dark Emu, projection courtesy of Bangarra Dance Theatre and

Another beautiful legend 'Dar Emu', refers to the Spirit Emu, who “left the earth after its creation to reside as a dark shape in the Milky Way.

The projection EORA Dark Emu is created by Stephen Page and Jacob Nash of the Bangarra Dance Theatre, the work features Bangarra’s dancers, painted with light, showing the unbreakable connection between earth and sky.

image: Giant puppet at Barangaroo created by Erth Visual & Physical Inc., Jacob Nash and Mandylights Australia, courtesy of

The giant puppet Marri Dyin promenades along Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo during The Liminal Hour, performing fire and rain rituals. She is unmissable.


image of harbour forecourt courtesy of

So many beautiful, thought-provoking and fun exhibits and immersive environments at this year's Vivid festival.

Don't miss out.

until 16 June

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