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Cold War

Friend and ‘sometimes’ Henry reader Peter Hall was so impressed by Pawel

Pawlikowski’s new feature film ‘Cold War’ he penned the following tribute.

Peter Hall: “I saw a very beautiful film last night, destined to be a modern classic. ‘Cold War’ by Pawel Pawlikowski is a love story set across the decade of the 1950’s Poland, Paris and Croatia. Shot in gorgeous black and white, the exceptional thing about the film was not the plot (musician falls in love with beautiful girl and is tortured by her changes of heart) but the delicate and brilliant handling, editing, music and direction. Watch out for the fine details ‒ a look, a whisper of wind through tall grass, a hand gesture. The lead actress Joanna Kulig is a vital and stunningly beautiful woman who may become one of the great stars of our time. Pawlikowski is a genius, I think with the potential to rank with Bergman and Fellini, and I am looking forward to discovering his work and following his career.

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