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Sunday Sanity Break, 30 September 2018 - West Coast wins Grand final

Quiet week in Australia. Slight improvement in the Coalition's approval rate, but big win still for Labor still predicted. Scomo's lead over Shorten is the Coalition's greatest asset and he continues to tell us clearly in simple English what he thinks. What is needed now is a carefully set out explanation of his government's plans to improve the Australian economy. And an equally clear exposition of how a Coalition government will be different to Shorten's Labour government.

As one example of Labor's weakness, they carry on about gender equality, in pay and numbers in various activities. However, as recently analysed carefully by a young bloke at the Menzies Research Centre, Australia's unions - Labor's greatest supporters - males earn far more that women and there are many fewer women in the top union jobs. And Judith Sloan's brilliant exposition of how gender pay is far more equal when job difference are analysed. The small residual excess of male rates of pay are attributed to women taking less all consuming jobs than male so mothers properly look after children, an approach adopted by Mrs T and many similar caring women.

More here, at our new feature of Economic Snippets.

In the USA, the attempt to block the elevation of a distinguished judge to the US Supreme Court is another disgusting attempt from people who will do anything to wreck political enemies. Now the FBI will be asked to look into this cesspit, but if none of the protagonists gives up their apparently honestly held views the likely answer is 'nothing to be proved' either way



Fiona Prior enjoyed Bruce Beresford’s 'Ladies in Black' – a charming trip back to 1959 Sydney on the cusp of the Sixties. More here.

Sporting life.

The West Coast Eagles were well behind Collingwood by the end of the first quarter. Still slightly behind with 10 minutes to go, then West Coast hit the front with 2 minutes to go. It was a wonderful game and at the end I almost felt sorry for Collingwood. We all have weaknesses, and my concern for the old enemy show that I am getting weaker as I get older. Sorry about that, gentle readers.

Melbourne Storm disappointed, being defeated 21 to 6, with Munster in the sin bin twice and other stars failing to fire. Boy Cordner led his team well but Cooper Cronk played as an on-field coach and despite hardly touching the ball did a great job coaching his team to a decisive win.

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