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Happy 100 years!?

I had the rare privilege to be included in the celebration of a lovely friend’s 100 years birthday party last weekend. The occasion inspired me to do a little web surfing.

The following article – though from a UK perspective – shows the enormous strides women have taken regarding their rights and dignity in this period.

I’ve highlighted a few of the more astonishing topics below and sadly noted some reoccurring themes.

  • The right to vote

  • To hold property

  • Serve on a jury

  • Open a bank account or apply for a loan

  • Be refused service for spending one's own money in a pub

  • Become an accountant or lawyer

  • Have a right to equal pay

  • Be considered a ‘person’ in the eyes of the law

  • Obtain a court order against a violent husband

  • Access the contraceptive pill if single

  • Get a legal and safe abortion

  • Report marital rape

My dear old friend has lived through much change and some not so successful attempts at change.

Happy birthday!

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