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Sculpture by the Sea – 22nd annual exhibition

Sculpture by the Sea – 22nd annual exhibition

Each year I do the superb coastal walk that is Sculpture by the Sea, always starting a little before its Tamarama beginning so that I can also take in the Waverley Cemetery (I love those funerary sandstone angels), before purchasing my catalogue and joining the hordes of visitors.

This is the 22nd annual Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi with a wonderful mix of more than 130 artists from 21 countries who have created 107 sculptures for our delight, bewilderment and awe. Like most years, the calibre of the exhibited sculptures vary (hence the delight, bewilderment, etc.,) and like every year, I would not miss this annual exhibition for the world.

*A little disclaimer: I tend towards figurative sculpture as you will find in my following picks that are accompanied by the artist's statement.

image: Bank (2017) courtesy of the artist Mu Boyan (China) and Sculpture by the Sea

'Under such a nice blue sky, facing a peaceful sea. Here, let us empty our minds and take a rest. If you have the same feeling please join in.

image: Walking (2015) courtesy of the artist Wei Wang (China) and Sculpture by the Sea

'A man walks with a lowered head. From two angles, he resembles the shape of "I". From the sides, two Chinese characters: 'Ren'...and 'Ru' ...meaning enter. The man is both arriving and departing.

image: Wrapped Horse (2012) courtesy of the artist Yu Fan (China) and Sculpture by the Sea

'The work creates an image of the horse: a visual of reflection on water. The lean body and the strange proportion are like a mirage, which transforms the space and becomes paradoxically magical.

image: Angry Man (2015) courtesy of the artist Viktor Freso (Slovakia) and Sculpture by the Sea

'A small man with a disproportionate figure and an arrogant angry expression. A man at the boundary of ridiculous, foxy and complex. A self-important, arrogant bastard.

image: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (one of four bronze animals) courtesy of the artists Gillie and Marc Schattner (NSW) and Sculpture by the Sea

'This work calls on the world to welcome endangered species out from hiding, into a place of safety and love.

image: Look Inside My Mind courtesy of the artist group Studiodex@UNSW and Sculpture by the Sea

'UNSW are passionate about research into mental health, having strong links with the defence force through ADFA at UNSW Canberra. This work allows you to see inside the mind of military personnel dealing with career-related mental health challenges including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The aim is to provide a platform for engagement and conversation around an important issue in our community.

A great, many more works will greet you perched on the ocean's edge against that stunning backdrop of sea, sand and sky.

Sculpture by the Sea ‒ Sydney's first, truly inclusive art event. What a vision!

Sculpture by the Sea – 22nd annual exhibition

until 4 November 2018

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