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Monday Sanity Break, 25 March 2019 – Fun in the sun

Updated: May 2, 2020

Apologies, gentle readers. Henry and family have been in Brisvegas for a family wedding. A nephew of Mrs Thornton was married to a lovely girl from China, with parents and translation chicks in attendance. Why the speeches and bad jokes were not translated into Mandarin, or their dialect of choice, bothered me, but as a mere member of the family by marriage it was not my place to comment. The ceremony was taken in full sun looking straight into the blazing Brisvegas sun and, as someone later remarked, one could only see the outlines of the happy couple and their attendants. Henry and Mrs T found a shaded spot among the bush turkeys and could see as well as hear the ceremony.

A wonderful time was had by all, though the parents of the bride often looked puzzled. One hoped it was explained to them in short bursts of Mandarin as they went along.

Well, well, NSW Liberals pull off a win and Federal coalition raises their glass in admiration. Actually, Australia’s tradition that Federal governments have to be different to the majority of state governments works in Comrade Shorten’s favour. At least he will, if he is sensible, which I doubt, look less satisfied with his towering persona for the run to the tape. He’s a long way short of a human, Winx, that is for sure. That is the horse WINX, not the site builder WIX.

Apologies for the short and sweet blog today. I will say the Queensland galleries are wonderful. One Saturday we visited the Modern Art Museum and on Sunday, before the wonderful ceremony already noted, we took in the more traditional Museum. Both were featuring work from the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. This is a stunning display, easily the best display of modern Aussie Art I have seem.

Here is an image of a stunning painting by Victoria’s Lin Onus, by a short head my favourite in the exhibition.


To come soon from Fiona.

Sporting life

Went to the ‘G’ last Thursday to see Richmond in the end comfortably deal with Caaarlton! The good news was that Carlton, despite trailing by 1 point to 5 goals in the first quarter fought back well. The Blues got to within a goal and a few points late in the game, and new recruits all did very well.

The other game I followed saw Geelong beating Collingwood by 4 points, a satisfying outcome for Caaaarlton!

Essendon looked hopeless I read in the press, and the Swans not much better.

However, Caaaarlton! wimmin flogged Freo and face an Adelaide team in the grand final. Wow!

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