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Sunday Sanity Break, 31 March 2019 – Democracy trembles

Updated: May 2, 2020

Budget day next Tuesday. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is expected to announce a surplus (thanks to large exports of coal and iron ore), tax cuts and some nice bits of cash splash. Plus there is the possibility of a new coal fired power station in Queensland. A nice package but polls remain solidly pro-Labor and it would seem to take an electoral miracle for the Libs and Nats to be in government by end May.

In the UK, the dogged Mrs May seems to be in real strife. If the ‘remainers’ in the House of Commons try to keep Britain in the EU, democracy in this confused and divided nation will be shaken. In the mighty USA, the review of Mr Trump’s ‘Russian’ issue seems to have been put to bed, much to the embarrassment of the Democrats. As in the USA, Britain and other democratic nations seem irretrievably divided in politics.

Meanwhile, growth seems to be slowing in the USA, UK, Japan and China, and never really got going in the EU. Australia has just experienced a per capita recession and is also headed for more of the same. The incoming (probably) Labor government will struggle to afford its massive promise of tax cuts for ‘poor’ people and tax hikes for ‘rich’ folk. Most rick folks and merely well-to-do will be watching and ready to pounce.

Henry will provide fresh comment of the budget after the Tuesday night hoopla.

Good luck Josh.


Fiona Prior celebrates fifty years of internationally renowned Sydney Dance Company! More here.

Sporting life.

Caaaarlton! fought well against Port Adelaide and Henry appreciated fast movement and slick ball movement by hand and foot by both teams. Today, Caaarlton!’s AFLW team played in Adelaide for the premiership and if they pull that off against an apparently superior side Henry will celebrate with a few drinks. (If they lose, drinks will be needed to deaden the pain.)

The best news is that Essendon has apparently lost knowledge of footy. West Coast, Collingwood and various other traditional power clubs are powering forward.

Following their beating of India's champion one day team the Australian one day cricket team has belted Pakistan. The two superstars Smith and Warner need to be fitted into what should be an unbeatable combination at the coming World Cup. Of course, dropping two members of the apparently happy team that has struggled from being easy beats to potential World Cup winners will take some clever psychological work. Time will tell.

Image of the week

Modern democratic President/Prime Minister/Treasurer. In all the major democracies approximately 50-50 + or minus 2 or 3 % hate each side. What must Messrs Xi and Putin be thinking?

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