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Sunday Sanity Break, 14 April 2019 - Surprises in store?

Updated: May 2, 2020

Federal Election on, 18 May, and the Thornton family is not conducting its regular election party due to dining with our friends from Malaysia. Here is a tip. Trump beat the favourite Hilary Clinton. British voters chose leaving the EU despite the clear expectation that the 'elite' would vote to stay. Could Scomo do it? Still a long shot, but certainly not impossible.

Massive tax cuts and a reputation for fixing Labor stuff-ups verses massive tax hikes and broken promises from Labor. Paul Kelly says this is not enough for a Coalition win, and Mrs Thornton agrees. A couple of boats from Indonesia might be a useful surprise. Surely the professional asylum smugglers would not be so stupid?

And is it just possible that the ABC has become more multi-cultural? It seems to me that the Coalition government is getting a fairer go since Ita Buttrose became Chair of the Board. Unless I am dreaming, well done Ita!

Another surprise, the first First Black Hole to be photographed provided excitement this week. Here is the main image.

Time for some fun, and a hint about the life to come. Try this! (With thanks to Rowan Atkinson.)


Fiona Prior worships at the shrine of the ridiculously generous creative spirit of Jean Paul Gaultier. More here.

Sporting life

Winx was the highlight this weekend. She started at the back of the field, ran there for a while and thundered around the turn to come home comfortably in front of a good field. What a show, and now for a nice paddock with green grass, shady trees and a nice, respectful stallion to produce a baby Winx.

Caaaarlton! disappointed again, losing by a couple of points 10 seconds before the siren, after a kick out of an ugly melee in front of the Suns' goal. Still, despite the hard road for coming weeks, in my view confidence is the missing factor. The new, young players are doing well, though one of them needs to learn to kick. Too many mistakes, and lack of kicks to the forward talls baffled me. That's what tall blokes are for, isn't it, marking in front of goals and kicking straight?

Enough. Like the Coalition in politics, Caaaaarlton! may gain an unexpected win, and then the confidence will flow.

Essendon showed what it can do after a horrible start to the year. Richmond has won again despite losing its four best players to injury.

In any case, the cricket World Cup is coming soon, and then the Ashes. And of course the Game of Thrones, next Monday.

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