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Sunday Sanity Break, 13 October 2019 – Bugger me dead!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Can it be true? Did RBA Chief Dr Phil Lowe train up to illustrate ‘the struggles and inner turmoil of a typical self-funded retiree in the face of the rapid decline in the value of his savings, thanks to the policies of the RBA’. (Rowan Dean, Weekend AFR, 12-13 October, p47). What a slap in the face of self-funded retirees. Dr Lowe has a salary north of one million dollars and will eventually receive a pension of two thirds to three quarters of that. What is happening in the mighty RBA? Failing to dampen the housing boom by raising cash interest rates, then as soon as house prices look like falling, giving hope to potential new home owners rushing to cut rates. ‘Bugger me dead’ as an old footy coach said about everything vaguely surprising occurred.

President Trump has implemented another election pledge, leaving Syria and its Kurdish people, the American’s former allies. A nice cartoon illustrates President Trump allowing Turkish troops to invade and perhaps rescue those Aussie shielas, former wives of ISIS blokes, and their kids. Meanwhile, the Democrat leaders wander about seeking to craft a viable impeachment.

Prime minister Boris says his discussion with EU bosses on his leave proposal is making progress. If he gets a deal the UK thinks fair, he will almost certainly win the next election. And if the UK prospers in following years, Boris will perhaps rule for a decade or more. Like the attack of American Democrats, British Labor have adopted a risky policy likely to fail. This is nutty.

In Australia, the economy continues to look weak and heading for at least a per capita recession, perhaps a traditional recession. Scoma looks cheerful and Treasurer Josh looks VERY serious.

Presidents Xi and Putin must be chuckling in their daily tipple. Ooops!, shall I be attacked as was Minister Dutton? His crime was to say one way Australia is different to China is by being a democracy. The attack perfectly illustrated his point – no free speech in China, and that applies to Australian cabinet ministers also it seems.


At 'HAIR: 50th Anniversary Australian Tour' it was quite obvious that many in the audience remembered the passionate of their youth. More here.

Sporting life

Trade season in the AFL and many stars are receiving big offers. Eddie Betts seems to be coming back to Caaaarlton!, with a wage cut. The Blues are working hard but are a good way from creating a team that can challenge in the finals in 2020. (I shall be happy to be proven wrong.)

The Roosters won a great grand final despite balls bouncing off umpires and a confusion about a referees call.

The Australian (without Falou) Rugby team beat a gallant Georgian effort and enter the quarter final round. Against (I think, unless the storm confuses the rankings England. Despite Eddie Jones, just a whiff.

The cricket in Oz is warming up. Warner gets a hundred on a difficult pitch. While Smith gets a quacker. Funny game cricket.

The lady cricketers go from strength to strength. What fun they are having.

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