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Pete Jonson originals - ReligioArt

Modern Crucifixion

Oil on canvas board

24 '' x 16 "

Signed, Left Hand Side

Cardinal Pell's trial, where he was declared guilty by a jury of pedophile actions, was a deeply curious event. I expect appeal before by three judges will present a more believable judgment of 'Not guilty'. But even so, a modern crucifixion will have been perpetrated.

Now we are awaiting a possible review by Australia's High court. If the verdict is 'Guilty', either by explicit decision or refusal to consider the matter, I believe a great injustice will have been perpetrated.

Last Supper

Oil on canvas board

20 '' x 30 "

Signed, Left Hand Side

When I decided I needed to paint a religious series I looked back at the crucifixion image of my youth. This reminded me to use the drip technique used for that painting.

St Paul on road to Damascus

Oil on canvas board

20 '' x 30 "

Signed, Left Hand Side

My image of a famous biblical episode, the great man receiving the message. I have chosen the Sun to present the

'great light' that so transfixed Paul.


Poster paint on old kitchen cupboard door 44" x 25" Signed bottom left, 68

Painted in a burst of adolescent religious fervour. Nail holes on the boundaries saw it rejected for the Mitcham Presbyterian Church art show, a rejection that doused my fervour. What were they thinking?

Fifty years later (in 2019) I entered the painting, now nicely framed (to hide nail holes) and under glass, in the Scots Church Art Show. I was honoured when it was hung, and again when it was judged 'Best in Show'.

At last I felt the painting had some well deserved recognition. A loop closed.

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