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Monday Sanity Break, 4 November 2019 - Rain in the North

Updated: May 1, 2020

It has rained in NSW and in some places in decent quantities. Let’s hope there is more to come so the drought is broken. Sky News nicely covered some hilarious behaviour. The bloke pretending to swim in what looked like a foot of water took the palm for me.

President Trump this morning invented a new saying, describing a news item as a ‘fake scam’, meaning (one presumes) ‘entirely correct’. Do they not teach little Trumps basic American? one is forced to ask. Now he is to be subjected to a failed Democrat impeachment process and will be distracted by patching up his fractured friendships with Republican Senators.

Scomo has had a friendly meeting with the Chinese Premier li keqing, who apparently wishes to smoke pipe of peace. Josh is home minding the shop, with (gasp!) criticism from economists reported by The Conversation. Here is a link to their rather cheeky offering.

Apart from not yet achieving a surplus (though one is promised by Josh) and watching Dr Lowe of the RBA reigniting house prices and doing little else with his rate cuts, Josh should be thinking of how best to boost national productivity. Trouble is, a lot of productivity was boosted by Messrs Hawke and Keating, and then by Howard and Costello. Rudd and Gillard if anything produced anti-productivity policies, so perhaps there is something worthwhile to be done there, winding back mistakes. Here are cheery men plotting the economic future.

Sporting news

Tomorrow is ‘the race that stops a nation’. Horses gallop around, the slower ones fearing a visit to the knackery. Sort of like failed politicians and incompetent corporate CEOs and bloggers.

Sporting news generally beats other offerings, and a lot has been going on. Biggest Aussie winner was Ash Bartie winning $6 million at a Chinese tournament, to solidly lock in her number one global ranking. Could this be the reason for China seeking to be nice to Australian people?

Australia did not feature in the later stages of the Rugby World cup, being solidly thrashed by, wait for it, England, an apparently fearsome bunch of gentlemen. Coach Checka immediately resigned, the only Rugger person to do so. Now the Rugger bu..ers are searching for other failed leaders, including the Chairman and the CEO. Will the next coach be (gasp!), Eddie Jones, despite English gentlemen being decimated in the final by South Efrica. For some unknown reason, the Haka did not do it for the All Blacks in the semi-final against the English gentlemen.

Having flogged the Sri Lankan T20 team, the Aussie T20ers were frustrated by rain in their first game with Pakistan. Here is an idea. Send cricket games to the drought-bedevilled outback. Ideal way to create rain. Later the Aussies play test matches against New Zealand, and have been practicing their lawn bowling in case of need.

Apologies for attempted satire, gentle readers. Four day weekends have this effect on Henry.

Let’s hope Fiona comes up with something serious.


The marriage of Figaro is Fiona’s wonderful offering.

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