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Saturday Sanity Break, 9 November 2019 – ‘Weak, Risky, Unpopular’

Updated: May 1, 2020

Shocking fires to add to the woes of severe drought in Queensland and New South Wales. Hope the firies, helped if necessary by armed forces, can get it all under control, but it looks like being a long, hot summer.

‘Weak, Risky and Unpopular’ is the headline in the Australian yesterday. Referring to a summary of the ALP presentation of why it failed so badly in the 2019 Federal election. This we know was a summary of a watered down account that went easy on the leadership. And, as Paul Kelly says, Mr Shorten’s ambition to resume the leadership is still ‘undiminished’. Sort of reminds one of the internal bickering that bedevilled the Libs until they settled on Scott Morrison as a potential long term leader. Other writers add more insights and are worth reading. Of course, the Labor bosses are most in need of reading this material and are least likely to do so.

Paul Kelly is far tougher about Labor’s failings than the official reviewers, and I recommend his article in yesterday’s Oz. I strongly agree with the general view that Labor was far too optimistic about its prospects, lacked a campaign strategy ,(except ‘tax and spend’), pandered to the inner city Greens and ‘elite’ labor academics and union heavies and generally believed it would surf to a win and be cheered to the rafters by its supporters.

Instead, the Aussie battlers preferred the Lib-Nat coalition and in particular preferred Scott Morrison to Bill Shorten as their Prime Minister. And, wait for it, gentle readers, it is looking increasingly like Labor will continue with a modified version of ‘spend and tax’. Importantly, Mr Morrison is according to my sources taking sound advice on the climate issue from sensible people. Interestingly, the sound advice is very similar to the ideas in Ross Garnaut’s latest book Superpower Australia’s low carbon opportunity. This book should be widely read. There are only two differences to those advising the Prime minister, the urgency (which Garnaut says is vital) and whether a more gradual set of policies is viable, leaving time for government to devise a set of policies and convince the population.

Selling ‘Hydrogen’ is the basis of the promised superpower status and in any case Australia is blessed by powerful wind and sunlight, meaning we can continue to expand renewable sources, at least when batteries become far better ways to store energy. More when I have devoured Professor Garnaut’s book and compared it with information known to have been provided to the Prime minister.

Also worth recognition is the wonderful event put on by the Liberal party to celebrate Tony Abbott’s 25 years in the Australian parliament, the final years as Prime Minister and then former PM. Mr Abbott was a superb opposition leader and in that role laid the basis for what became a stunning victory in 2013. This enabled Mr Turnbull to hang on in 2016 and provided a basis for a far more convincing win for Mr Morrison is 2019. ‘Well done, Tony Abbott’.

Last but not least, Jim Molan's appointment to the Senate is a great result. Well done, Senator Molan, thank goodness we have a sensible general to help devise military strategy from the highest job in the land.


Another theatre outing with a happy ending, Fiona Prior sees the Genesian Theatre Company's production of 'Ladies in Black'. More here.

Sporting life.

Aussie T20 cricketers have now flogged Pakistan and there are Test matches to come.

Ash Barty wins first game in Fed Cup and there is another game to be won today. What a superstar Ms Barty has turned out to be, and she can play cricket too.

Sam Kerr and women's futball goes from strength to strength and now the gals are to get equal pay.

Can't wait for the new year and Aussie football returns. Will as promised Caaarlton! do any better, will Richmond win the premiership and will it be another blindingly intyeresting season

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