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Saturday Sanity Break, 11 January 2020 - Fires and exploding planes

Updated: May 1, 2020

Relatively quiet wind, some rain and cooler temperatures have helped calm the bushfires around Australia. This gives the firefighters some respite but still working to burn off dangerous scrub and put out some of the burning bush. When intense heat and strong winds occur again, as is almost certain, it will be back to status 'emergency' in many places. Well over 2000 homes have been destroyed, vast areas of bush, crops and grasslands have been blackened, and so far nearly 30 people have died.

The Prime minister has signalled a proper inquiry when the crisis is over and state premiers and the opposition leaders have all agreed. Several years ago, after the last experience of savage bushfires, there was a Royal Commission but its findings were largely ignored. This time, surely the review will be taken seriously and produce real results.

USA-Iran threaten war

Overseas news covers largely the US-Iran differences and particularly the tit-for-tat military exchange, while Iran seemed to be avoiding killing US military so as to avoid a bloody war with the USA. Then a Ukranian commercial aeroplane crashed moments after taking off and passengers and crew members all killed. Majority of passengers were Canadian or Iranian.

The USA and its allies (including Australia) all claim that they have security evidence that a missile fired by Iran took out its own plane. The Iran leaders say it was a mechanical fault, but the Americans released a picture of a missile hitting an aeroplane. Also we saw an image of part of a Russian missile amongst wreckage of the plane. At last news the Iranese are saying they will not release the black box, which seems like the act of a guilty nation. If the USA claim is proven by further evidence then Iran's leaders will look like total prats, which is a judgment often proposed by people in the west.

Stop press: 'Iran admits it shot down Ukranian plane'. They apologised but the damage was done. Iran's President calls it: 'An unforgiveable mistake'.

Newspapers in Australia have focussed on the material in the two matters discussed above. Iran sends differing messages of that it intends to do to the USA. They'd be wise to shut up and behave. President Trump speaks so bravely that someday he will follows words with actions.


Fiona Prior saw Sydney Festiva 2020l’s ‘Frontera’ and was shaken by the experience. More here.

The Sporting Life

Australia's test team have cleaned up New Zealand thrice within 4 days, casting question on the Black Caps' status as second best cricket team in the world. Next summer India will be in Oz to decide if they can keep hold of their 'Best in world' rating.

The Aussie gals are warming up for their world cup tournament in (I think) T20 cricket. The Menz big bash team goes to India for three games, leaving Mr Maxwell, a superb short form cricketer, behind to dominate the local 'Big Bash' competition. Cricket selections often confuse Henry, but perhaps that merely demonstrates his declining mental powers.

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