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A Stasi Comedy

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

A Stasi Comedy

Director: Leander Haußmann

A little like putting the Stasi through a 'Hogan’s Heroes' filter

No one doubts that the Stasi were a brutal lot but director Leander Haußmann has decided to roll out a comedy about the dinosaur regime on the verge of extinction, and it is a hoot.

Our young Stasi officer, Ludger Fuchs (David Kross) is recruited to infiltrate the bohemian sector; an area of East Germany where there is poetry, literature, free love and an infatuation with state disobedience.

Infiltrate he does, discovering love, sex, poetry, sex, comradeship sex, parties, sex, and a gift for writing … eventually finding himself in a situation where he has to decide whether to be a Stasi Officer or a renowned poet of freedom with beautiful girlfriends and a life of joy. Hard choice for a young man? Hmmmmm :)

A Stasi Comedy is recounted through the eyes of a much older Fuchs, living in the free world and enjoying the life of a renowned author. He has just received the file that the Stasi kept on him.

Part of the German Film Festival and a delight.

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