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Circa’s Peepshow

Circa’s Peepshow

Creator and director: Yaron Lifschitz

Associate Director & Costume Designer: Libby McDonnell

Starring: The Circa Ensemble

Elegantly physical.

The name ‘Peepshow’ misleads. You certainly didn’t get the feeling that you were peeping through a keyhole at anything too explicit. 'Peepshow' was more like watching a series of gymnastic routines by performers in minimal costumes, arranged by a modern ballet choreographer and performed by peeps who are as into the drama and charm of their actions as they are the physical effort.

The show is all about physical interactions, formations and activities that test gravity, strength, agility and trust … I particularly liked one of the more balletic sequences that showcased a silk rope dancer gliding over the stage, using the fluid fabric like liquid satin. Possibly not the most difficult feat but definitely the most sensual.

One of the cheekier moments of 'Peepshow' was when a young man was seemingly, randomly selected from the audience to cup the breasts of a leggy performer. After re-emphasising to self to never sit in a front seat during a cabaret performance – I’m sure every other audience member who was not an exhibitionist was muttering the same mantra – it was soon revealed that this random act of physical intimacy was performed by one of the most talented performers of the show. The young man quickly threw off his outer garments and lithely stole the show.

The musical accompaniment was well chosen; sexy old-time blues, some classical, some soul … a Eurythmics number; frequently reinterpreted by I don’t know who but effectively so. At one stage it sounded like the Eurythmics' ‘Sweet Dreams’ was being sung by a children’s choir. (I am so missing pre-COVID printed programs where such queries were answered in the flick of a page.)

The set was minimal and tacky … and it worked a treat. When you first saw the tinsel backed stage you could imagine that the performance to follow might be on the tacky-side too. Instead, it gave the perfect side-show sparkle to a minimal set.

I hope you got the chance to see 'Peepshow' because its season has now ended.

It was fun and vital with big hits of beauty and sensuality.

Sydney Opera House

Drama Theatre

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