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Corona Virus Culture continued

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

(I’m republishing today’s blog (first published April 2020) in support of our family and friends in Victoria.)

I am a writer, so to be cutting a pasting wonderful things from the web makes me feel like I am not doing my job. I admit, for someone who (pre-COVID-19) attended at least one cultural event a week I am finding it difficult to provide content.

Forgive me and smile with me as I continue to roll out the work of some incredibly fun, talented and bored people who are also in social isolation but creating content to the delight of us all.

How much fun is the little boy on the right having? Have grown-ups ever been so playful!

Image: ‘Saturn devouring his Son’, apologies to Peter Paul Rubens

And how exquisite are both these Ladies with Fans?

Image: ‘Lady with Fan’ apologies to Gustav Klimt

No husband was harmed in the making of this recreation.

Image: ‘Salome with the Head of the Baptist’, apologies to Mariano Salvador Maella Pérez

This woman’s face painting has totally nailed Cubism

Image: ‘A Woman with a Bird’, apologies to Pablo Picasso

Another parent with questionable dietary habits

Image: ‘Saturn devouring his Son’, apologies to Francisco Goya

I am a ballet nerd so this one is a favourite.

Image: ‘Anna Pavlova as the Dying Swan’ artist unknown (by me:) … but what a talented pussycat.

I do so hope you checked last week’s comic genius Robin Williams.

This week I’m sharing something more contemporary.

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