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Covid-19 Capers

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Here we go. One new Covid-19 illness in Victoria, a fight to decide whether the NSW premier, or Victoria’s premier, is more in need of firing or at least a time on the sidelines. And the Richmond football team sneaks into the Grand final by 6 points. Sunday, Geelong beat the young Brisbane team by a large margin, but one can be sure they will be there again next year.

‘Go Tigers’ is my footy preference. Caaaarlton! seems to be recruiting well, with a man called Saad, another speed star it seems. We still need two big, tough, fearless key position players. One for the backline and one for the forward line. Perhaps another ruckman, unless said big, tough, fearless key position players can fill in when the latest skillfull, brave, willing new ruckman needs a rest. Most importantly a board with real football knowledge.

Given all Dan’s rhetoric of what needs to be done about the virus, now he should make some significant changes to his ‘lockdown’. My preference is for maximum driving ability so my family can go to our holiday house in Balnarring and prepare for the bushfire season, not to mention the horses, foxes, kangaroos, rabbits, etc, etc. The premier should stop all those items that global expertise suggests are positively harmful, including living in lockdown, inability to host children and grandchildren in one’s house, or visit children’s houses to keep in touch. One can do so little with Zoom, although it is better than nothing.

The third item on my list is Dan’s government. Note its great administrative skill: ‘I cannot remember’; 'I did not know about the dud security arrangements for months’; ‘We prefer fax and paper to modern technology when trying to find the carrier's’.

One hopes that Dan and his forgetful team get charged with unnecessary deaths of over 800 Victorian citizens. Peta Credlin will surely get Australia's journalist of the decade award for her gritty attacks at Dan's recent talk fests. About time to stop, Danny boy.

Apparently too horrible to publish

I am amazed to hear the newspaper debates about whether Dan or Gladys most deserve to be fired. Surely there is no comparison? Dan has done massive damage to Victorian people’s health, not just the deaths but people’s mental state and cancer and other illnesses due to hospitals ‘standing by’ to be ready to battle the virus. Gladys has made the mistake for taking a self-confessed villain to her bed. She needs a good talking to and be told not to do it again – not that I expect she will.

Trump verses Biden rumbles on, with polls suggesting the near 80 man is likely to beat the 74-year-old. What is the world coming to, Comrades?


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