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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Directors: Daniel Kwanand and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as 'Daniels'

Crazy ridiculous but it all comes together.

Michelle Yeogh (x-James Bond girl, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ … and totally proficient martial artist) stars in this extraordinary low budget multiverse experience as 'Evelyn', the only women who can save our multiverse.

Circumstances; pandemics, wars, natural disasters, dreadful accidents – have given most of us the motivation to think ‘what if’? Whether it is personal, professional, political, environmental we seem to have reached a point in history ̶ or as directors 'Daniels’ would correct ‘the multiverse’ ̶ where we might wonder what our world be like if we had chosen a different path; be it embracing alternative energy technology far earlier, insisting that our governments be more confrontational re Putin, not followed America’s lead in the invasion of Iraq, the Gulf, Vietnam, Korea ... and/or stayed a little longer in Afghanistan? It relates to each of our micro-verses as well; what if we had been more thoughtful regarding what we want from life, from love; even to the point where we think of specific incidents and wonder if we should we have been firmer, more gentle, loved harder, been more or less ambitious, not sort household peace over sorting out problems ̶ the whole catastrophe. In a strange way 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' addresses all these mental wonderings ... in a multi-versal kind of way:)

Directors ‘the Daniels’ bring in a film that is silly beyond belief, strangely hypnotising in its technique of switching from one reality to the next possibility, and a film that always emphasises that what really matters is doing our best and being the kindest we can in our universe (whichever one that may be!). We are but multi-versal butterflies, and each wing stroke makes the most momentous difference in every dimension. Responsibility alert? You bet!

I’ve made this film implode and sound preachy, when the actual movie does everything but. It is completely manic, contains killer IRS agents, multiverse transitioning butt plugs (I know, but it does), moments when a mother contemplates murdering her daughter with a glass shard, two rocks having a metaphysical conversation, Jamie Lee Curtis playing a brutal, lesbian IRS agent (I just love Jamie Lee Curtis) … and that is just the start of the lunacy.

'Everything Everywhere All at Once' is a film for film lovers and those who seek out the sanely insane by way of entertainment.

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