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Excitement plus

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

What fun. Two elections coming up. Queensland the entre, USA the main course. Only Queenslanders care about the entre, and while I do not much care for the ‘Palaszczuk’ lady, Frecklington looks like not making it. The USA election is (a) far more important, and (b) likely to be far more exciting.

Opinion polls tell us Mr Biden is a shoo-in. But many people in 2016 thought Mrs Clinton was going to win. What a shock it was when the old pro failed and a ‘non-political’ businessman succeeded despite losing the popular vote. Curious system in the mighty USA, making for more fun and controversy.

Many voters do not want to show their hand to the pollsters, which makes the betting hard to fathom. Another four years of Mr Trump might turn out to be just too exciting, but a Biden victory might put most of us to sleep. Mrs Thornton is confident the Biden will win and be a major part of a swing to the left in democracies throughout the Western world – excluding Australia where she expects Scottie from marketing to win the next Federal election.

Wasn’t Treasurer Frydenberg’s a great attack on Dan from the deep left’s mob, a wonderful change from the usual pap from the National parliament. Given the sensible, almost friendly tone of the PM’s remarks about Victoria’s Premier, does this indicate a rift in the government’s teamwork? Or has the Treasurer been let off the chain to make us ordinary voters feel happy. Anyway, great speech, Josh, do not hold back until Dan is dismissed.

‘Recession over’ said all Aussie journos except the smarties of the Oz. Relying on ‘two negative quarters’ is so silly, as Terry McCrann said to great satisfaction in the Weekend Oz. Still, a good partial recovery is better than further falls in GNP, but anyone confused by the ‘recession over’ should take two bex and have a good lie down.

Still, there are many signs of foolish hubris in our board members and senior executives: the $15 m purchase of a few acres for the Badgery Creek airport; a CEO providing expensive watchers for people already well paid for doing well in Post Office business; (Henry’s daughter’s replacement visa to get her back into New York took weeks and went to Perth and Sydney before coming to our modest house in Melbourne); the heads of ASIC being dealt with for rorting dubious legal and other fees. This last example from an organisation meant to challenge rorts, with NO charges laid in its time – can this be correct? Someone please tell me this is just an urban myth?

The mighty RBA, with nothing to do but reduce cash interest rates from 0.25 % to 0.10 %, have been chastised by a former Guv’nor for reaching nearly zero influence on the ‘non-recessionary’ Australian economy. Cutting rates of pay at the RBA would be a more constructive approach. Can’t wait until inflationary tendencies show up, and the staff face some personal belt tightening.

Enough of this grumbling. At least now we can see our children and even invite then for a meal at home. Role on economic revival, Premier Dan. And allow the Victorian economy to again begin to revive something like normal life, albeit wearing masks when outdoors.


Fiona Prior sees 'Brazen Hussies'. Go girls! More here.

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