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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Today we present ‘Christ on the cross

image: 'Christ of the Cross' by Peter Jonson

This is an early painting with water paint.. This created a drip painting, a technique the author had not been shown and which created a powerful effect. The image was painted on an old kitchen cupboard door.

The church I attended announced an Art Show.

My painting was not properly ‘finished’ with a glass cover and frame, as eventually provided.

The old bloke accepting paintings was shown my new painting and said it was terrible. ‘It’s got nail holes around the edges’ the old boy asserted. ‘This is not properly presented. In fact, is it a hopeless effort.’

I tried to say the nail holes were appropriate for the item, but I was told to bugger off. I must say this was an early suggestion that my time at the Mitcham Presbyterian church was not for me. Frame and glass were eventually added and made the painting look far better. It’s home has graced the wall at my successive houses and eventually had its own place in my final home workplace.

Almost 50 years later, the Presbyterian Church in Collins Street, Melbourne announced an Art show. My painting was twice the advertised size of proposed paintings but I offered to bring it in to be checked. The organisation at the Church sat on it for 2 weeks but eventually said it would be placed in the exhibition.

I was astonished to be told my near 50-year painting was ‘best in show’, an enormous thrill. I was tempted to offer it to the Church, but decided I’d rather rehang it in my home workplace. If no-one in my family wishes to own it, I might be asked to donate it as my life ebbs away.

Here is the finished item. It’s outside measures are 25 inches width, 45 inches high. My painting has almost always been with oil paints, but I am happy to have produced one drip painting with water stuff.


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