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Henry Thornton, No 79

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Nick Cater contributes today. (October 18)

'The statement blamed "newcomers" who had refused to acknowledge "that the brutal disposseession of our people underwrote their every advantage in this country:"'

"That people who have only been on this continent for 235 years would refuse to recognise this whose home this land has been for 60,000 and more years is beyond reason".

'Australians outside the Tesla zone have told the elite they've had enough of the national guilt'. They've sick enough of the self-flagellating speeches, national apolgies, welcome to country and all the other politically correct performances.'

It happens that Henry and Mrs T are part of the 60 per cent plus saying 'No'. Six quickly made efforts, including economics and philosophy, powerful contributions. One PhD at London and the other in Sydney.

Above all, the 'No' statement 'is a rejection of the insufferable arrogance of the anointed (of the 40 per cent) of their prosemptionof superior wisdom and morality' - including the national Prime Minister and his pals. 'The No amounts to an act of insurrections by outsiders against the progressive extablishment'.

'Saturday's result provides an oppotunity to liberate Aboriginal Australians from the dibiliting

assumptions that they are victims from birth. It is a chance to break the tyranny of low expectations. Every Indigenous citizen should be able to exercise their full rights as citizens to alter the course of their lives for good or ill.'

Of course we need to discuss the message of the Hamus mob and their fvriends. Soon there will be massive efforts to prevent the efforts of our kind of interrnational work. We wish their results, which will be tough.

Daily Cartoon, Johannes Leak.

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