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Henry Thornton, No. 82

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Get your act together, voters discuss great men.

'Australians have sent the Albanese government a clear, unambiguous message get your at together.

'The decline in electoral support has been sharp and swift. A four-point fall in primary vote support in the space of three weeks is the largest single drop in the election so far so far'.

'There is clearly now deep election irritation. While the referendum defeat caused significant harm to Albanese personally, the party is now copping it as well'.

'Albanese has been damaged for backing a losing proposition, reinforcing a perception he was out of touch with mainstream Australia. At the same time, the perceived lack of attention of the attention to the core economic imperative is now biting.'

'Albanese is now on a net approval rating of minus 13, level with Dutton, whom Labor believes unelectable.

'This is a strategy that must now surely be under revision'.

'The only measure on which Labor is now ahead is would make the better PM.'

It is now half-way roughly though the current results. Whether Labor can produce some winning results or the other team produces even betters results for Mr. Dutton's efforts, it will be very unhappy for Labor.

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2023년 12월 02일

I find it very hard to believe anyone could think Albanese would make a better PM than any one else on earth. How do we get to vote for the drovers dog?

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