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Henry Thornton No 43

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

New year 2023

This year we start a new approach. We aim to present the author’s paintings with brief comments of each painting. We shall begin with the early paintings and gradually build to the latest offerings. If an appropriate current comment is added, I hope readers find it readable.

This is the author’s first painting, a night image of a pine tree. The location of that tree was around one K from his home and he ran through the night several times to check the developing image. The author was aged 16 years (I seem to remember) and was a good B-grade runner.

The relevant current issue is the rumour that whoever runs the mighty administrative machine that is Balnarring plans to remove the many pine trees that currently grace both sides of the main road East from the town. Surely this is rubbish. The pine trees are large and lovely and it would take 30 years at least to replace them with gum trees. Gum trees are also lovely but the current Mornington Peninsular has a great amount of gum trees and other Aussie plants.

Can anyone tell me if the rumour is valid?


And Fiona Prior visits Australia's newest addition, cultural institution Sydney Modern. More here.

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