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Henry Thornton, No 51

We now enter results that are beginning to show some really good stuff. 'Jack the dog' shows him seeking a drink in the large pool that graces the middle of Henry's 20 acres. Sadly our cost for land tax has jumped from 12,000 to 18,000. A scandel, and we are deciding how many sheep we need to become a serious sheep processor.

Any way, 'Jack the Dog' may find a new daily activity and we feel sure he will love it.

Here is the first 2010 image for 2010. Next two weeks will shpw two further 2010 weeks.

The image is small, width 25 inches, height 13 inches. Jack seems to have enjoyed the experience. Future 2010 items cover larger Cradle Mountain, Tasmania and the still larger the breaking of the great water shortage. Spot the first drop of water at Boggabri in NSW.

Then we show several 2010 Uluru images and then further images of several US big wheels and one Australian big shot, who worked for several years reporting to Henry in the RBA and apparently not enjoying the experience.

Another issue.

Today's edition of the Australian has a wonderful article by Gary Banks, former Chairman of the Australian Productivity Commission. It is an edited version of an interview with Joe Kelly, by the Oz.

I spent an hour or so trying to find a linkage. Title is: 'Ir, energy bungling puts brakes on growth.' If you wish to read an excellent article but do not buy the journal check P 11 on the Monday edition of the Oz, March 6, 2023.

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