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Henry Thornton, no 52

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Two images today. Both were produced in 2010. First one is Cradle Mountain in Tasmania with two birds. A wonderful place to visit and if time permits climb the main peak.

The size of this picture is W x 39 inches and H x 26 inches. This includes a solid brown frame.

The second image shows a deeply established lack of water. A careful watcher may see the first drop of water leading to the ending of the drought. This location was just out of the town of Boggabri, and the town was very pleased to see the rain.

The size of this picture is W x 40 inches and H x 30 inches. No frame in this case.

From now we will usually present two or even three images. Soon they will include people, which may greatly add to the seeing.

The real world.

Paul Kelly, as usual, focusses on the issue of the week. Today I will just present two paragraphs that should be of interest. The Oz, front page of the 'Inquirer.'

'It is a leap to a more ambitious Australia, but with a step heavy with pitfalls. The AUKUS submarine and technical compact, the vision of Scott Morrison, is being implemented by Anthony Albenese and Richard Marles in a bipartanship sure to test the values, competence and unity of the Labor party.

'The implications are vast. This is the biggest defence decision since World War II. It locks Australia into a strategic and technicnological partnership with the US and Britian. The purpose is to strenthen Australia as a decisive force in the Indo-Pacific. It drives a further wedge between Australia and China with unpredictable import.'

Read on, gentle friends.

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