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Henry Thornton, no 53.

Updated: Apr 24

This week we present four images. All are from Henry's Uluru (Ayer's Rock) set, with six items all sized W 48 x 36 H and unframed and one smaller item. Only four are still in Henry's keep, with the other three sold or given away. All were created in year 2013.

First item (never to be sold or given away) is Uluru in the Gloaming.

This is a picture of the entire rock at some distance. The colour may need reducing to deeper representation and the bottom of the rock perhaps needs to be made flat. Otherwise the image would be perfect.

This image is one of my absolute favourites.

Now we come to three further images of my large Uluru paintings. Like the first image above the biggest two respectfully are end to end rather than standing up. The first of the two standing pictures shows a place to swim or just rest in the cool water. The supurb second picture shows one end of rock - surrounded by trees, white trees and white fallen leaves..

Then we come to a forth, more fun, with three Aboriginal boys playing football. This is slightly different - it is mainly bright red, the boys are active and no doubt are excellent footballers. Do spot the two dogs, presumably waiting for something to eat. Its size is smaller than the three paintings above. All paintings were produced in 2013.

Now I must address some vital non-painting issues.

Do you ever think that the world is in deep trouble? Many countries in trouble, terrible events with the Ukraine/Putin land, and many nations struggling. Our great land of Aussies almost no productivity and small steps in this area will end growth, and many other countries also have low productivity. Australia's government seem to know every thing but strong productivity.

Please Mister Albanese do less in the multitude of interresting small things and focus on finding a real increase of productivity. You will be a much loved Prime Minister like Bob Hawke who somehow found the great productivity miracle.

Death of Bob Johnston

Bob is nicely praised in the Australian as governor of the Reserve Bank from 1982 to 1989 and eventually passed on Monday March 22 this year. (Page 5 in The Oz at 98.) The Australian provided an excellent summary of Bob's governorship. with many good reforms, including floating the dollar in December 1983 and also the general deregulation of the financial system. Curiously, 1982 to 1989 was almost the same as Peter Jonson's Head of the monetary policy section of the Bank.. Bob also benefitted strongly from John Phillips, sadly departed.

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