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Henry Thornton, no. 55

Today we carry on from no 54. We show Penguins, led by Mr Trump, Boris Johnston, fair-welling France, Glen Stevens throwing assets away and a beautiful road taking a driver away from Balnarring.

The Penguins show representives of the greatest nations in action, seven in the picture with two sleeping or perhaps even dead. A powerful snow is making the penguins struggle. You can spot the leader by the yellow hair, which perhaps should be brighter.

Boris Johnston is fair-welling with the traditional single finger in the air. In his case he is standing on a supurb piece of the English front for the challenge and the hope that a Frenchman takes a photo from a boat so that Mr Macron is notified of the British plan.

Glen Stevens once worked for the head of the department that tested the basic production of monetary policy. In my view he was the best head of post war II's Monetary analysis and production to the relevant work. He once criticised my reputation harshly but I feel sure this was only after a nasty lunch.

Now I add a beutiful scene of a road, surrounded with pine trees, and allowing cars to leave Balnarring in a direct trip to a departure. For this image I include one of the best roads to travel on the relavent areas, surrounded they are by water except the various entry roads. Naturally, most villages front the water, with what seem like true happiness with their relatives and friends in the villages, with plenty of good living in the smallish farms or simply allowing horses, sheep or even cattle to roam and eat the grass.

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