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Henry Thornton, no 57

Here goes the current set of five images that will we hope are interesting . Then we shall add a portrait. (If the second person approaves, we shall add another person.) Then we shall work hard with a new set of different paintings, which should be at least 20 images each with a different story.

The first in this group tells a story of Africa with a vast land and some images in the front with people checking what the bloke in the car is doing. I got going quickly.

Then I post an image of a lonely house in a country with a blue theme.

More blue for a skiing scene, early in the day as there is only one skier. Soom there will be skiers by the dozen.

The final picture shows orange trees, genuine colours at the chosen place in the Australian outback.

Finally is an image of the person who offered all the paintings shown in this effort. The portrait is added to show how I produced my better works. A person with much greater work than I have managed will be added if he agrees.

My serious career began with 17 years at the Reserve Bank, 7 years as Head of Research. Then I joined the private sector: three years number two and then seven years running the Norwich Union Australia. I was offered a job with the possibility of more in the UK headoffice but decided to stay in Oz. I moved on to run the Funds Management business at ANZ Bank for a few years and then left to become a company director. During my time in the private sector I was a columnist for a business magazine and subsequently for eleven years at the Australian. While I have always painted when time allowed, since my formal retirement at seventy I have had the leisure to focus more on art.

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