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Henry Thornton, No 60

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Paul Kelly, The Oz, 27-28, 'Deception is no path to Reconclilation'.

'In post-war Australia there has rarely, been a political alignment like this. Our elites have com together - political, corporate, university, media, sporting, trade union and religious - to persuade and intimidate the Australian people to put an Indigenous voice in the Constition.

'There has never been any concept like this before. As the recently departed David Jackson, of immense High Court experience, said the immendment means "we become a nation, whenever we or our ancester first time come to this country, we are not all equal". '

And in conclusion 'The heart of Dutten's budget reply was an appeal to middle Australia, just as it was after the Coalition's election loss last year, and a reminder that the budget had little for those not on government payments.

'This budget hurts working Australians. Worse it creates a generation of working-poor Australians,' he said. 'Are you better off than you were 12 months than you were 12 months ago?' That may be a start for him, but its only a start'.

Janet Albrechtsen uses the same national newspaper, 'the Inquirer'. 'The more times Higgins gave her version to the media, the more likely there might be new inconsistencies in what she said happened.'

It is in my view this matter has made so many views and attempts to create a clear set of minuters. It will surely be unanserable, so someone important should tell the crazy person who keeps changing her saving ... confusion?

Today (31 May) there is a fine set of articles concerning the RBA governor. Front page 'warns Labor over wages'. Phillip Coorey warned federal Labor that generous wage hikes will worsen the inflation problem unless they are accompanied by a rise in productivity. Productivity is close to zero and generous wage hikes will simply help wage owners who get wage increases, reduce numbers ofworking men and women and generally making Australia creating fresh unemployed. Great numbers of new workers from overseas will greatly increase numbers of unemployed and insufficient housing.

No-one seems to take note of the various bad results presented above. Tell me if I am wrong, friends and the best available economists. The situation seems like a serious problem.

Today (Thursday) we find that 'inflation' has raised from 6.3 % to 6.8 %, possible a small increase that is again raising an increase and may later be reduced or else again increase.

Also, Prime Minister Albanese has changed from 'small biscuits' to 'large biscuits'. Gor blainey, what will be next, ladies and gentlemen.

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