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Henry Thornton, No 73.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

‘In a calculated pitch in the Australian’s readership and a sharp change of tactics , the main Yes campaigner, Noel Pearson, now says it’s important to answer people’s questions about the Voice.

‘If only he could. No one can say how the voice will be chosen, what powers it will have and exactly who can stand for it, …’

‘What the voice would have in fact, is the opposite of Pearson’s claim - power without responsibility, the power to make endless demands without ever taking endless demands without ever having to take responsibility for anything’.

‘That today’s Indigenous disadvantage is the result of intergenerational trauma arising from British colonialism is a neo-Marxist fiction, yet it permeates the full Uluru.’

‘In times past , Pearson’s public advocacy has been of great service to our country.’

Mr Pearson cites denouncing welfare dependency, telling a profound truth transcending race. In demanding back-to-basics he ‘hit on the roots of many Australian problems’.

A major overall comment comes as follows: ‘What the Uluru statement authors want is payback for the past 240 years’.

In conclusion: ‘Voting No to this divisive voice should mean a reset to the Indigenous separatism that has bedevilled us in the past five decades and allow all Australians to go forward again as one united people.

This is a selective commentary of Tony Abbott, which we are proud to deliver here.

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