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Henry Thornton, No. 75

Paul Kelly's excellent work for Henry's weekly contribution.

'Australia is heading towartds an extraordinary, intense and unpredictable battle over nuclear power at the Federal election - the next stage in our permanant climate change political war - with Peter Dutton determined to transform the terms of the climate debate.

'The pre-emtive strike this week by Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen with deliberately exaggerated figures on the cost of the Coalition's undecided nuclear power policy is designed to discredit the nuclear option ahead of its announcement.' ...

'The Coalition shadow-cabinet will soon face a moment of truth on the nuclear issue. The Liberals and Nationals know the public is shifting. Realisation is invading the debate. People are grasping how hard net zero is as a goal. ... the risk are real and the anti-nuclear political scare would have traction.'

... 'A new energy policy conflict with a different twist is coming. ...

'There are multiple political risks for both sides' ...

Mr Kelly says: 'A searing truth for the Liberals and Nationals is that nuclear cannot be reduced to a convenient political tactic.' ... 'Bowen tells Inquirer will not supply contact with reality'. This is the basic issue, and both groups cannot win. Both sides propose large amounts to be spent, and one person/group must win before the better idea is adopted.

There is AUKUS if it survives, and a domestic nuclear business would fit nicely, at least this is my personal view. Mr Kelly adds a lot of pros and cons and most of us will watch the debates to see who wins. This is a major issue that will exist for some time and needs careful discussion for both groups and leaders.

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