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Henry Thornton, No. 77

Today I will show some of the best Aussie news, by

Paul Kelly and Janet Albrechtsen and a lovely cartoon from

John Spooner.

Paul Kelly, 'Yes campaign can't distract from real issue of voices power.'

'We are told by the Yes campign the voice is a mere "advisory body". 'Anthony Albanese calls it a modest and humble request. Of course, the Yes side wants to assuage the fears aroused the fears aroused by the No side. But its the depiction of the voice is "inaccurate and misleading".'

I cannot rest without demanding to know how Mr Albanese could be presenting material 'inaccurute and misleading'. As others on the 'No' side' (my choice) I feel totally un-told of the 'Yes' item, which seems to change major effects of the Yes story. Or is the PM deciding to change his contribution so to make a new, simpler 'Yes' story. Or is the PM trying to be slippery?

I go on. 'The design is extraordinary: the voice, for example, has the constitutual power to advise on welfare, education, culture, resources, Australia Day, law, defence and foreign policy amoungother issues'.

'That's the power being created. The voice can make representation from the Reserve Bank to Centrelink. There are hundreds of such bodies falling within its scope. Repeated efforts by the Yes campaign to prescribe where the voice are worthless. The voice will be master of its destiny; it won't be told what it will do.

And in the final contribution is here. 'The point for the referendum is that the voice is contensious at multiple levels and around its core principles'.

'If the voice fails, the judgment will be that such a contensious proposal in its design should never have been advanced short of a convention and bipartisanship support'.

Janet Albrechtesn 'Price's vision champions unity over separatism.'

'Regardless of whether the October 14 referendun succeds or fails, the biggest winner will be Jacinta Nampijinpa Price'.

' The 42-year -old Indigenous, a mother of four, has made her mark on the country so quickly and so profounly its hard to imagine national politics without her'.

'The tragedy of modern Indigenous policy is that Prices common-sense agenda is new and radical'.

'Using logic, persuasion and evidence of past failures, Price demands a new direction, not just for Indigenous advancement but also for large swathes of the country that have grown weary of identity politics'.

Price's 'skills have shown up the disingenious efforts of Labor's Linda Burney and Anthony Albanese. Price's profile as been further enhanced by senseless attacks by Pearson and Macia Langton. She has met them with grace. Price continues to offer to debate opponants even as they refuse.'

'But if Price stays and becomes leader, even Prime Minister one day, it will mark the pinnacle of modern politics where a person reaches high office, because of the content of their character.'

And we now provide John Spooner, 'Queen Canute'. (We wish her future.)

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