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Henry Thornton, No 78

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

‘Sydney night of shame’.

Indeed a terrible disaster. What a surprise – clever Hamus boys fooling the Jewish experts. Experts will quickly restore their ability to attack the clever boys and there will be a massive response.

‘I never thought we would crumple to this,’ John Howard said in Tuesday. ‘It’s totally beyond the pale as far as I’m concerned … To have people chanting those things, it is a catastrophic descent from civility that I thought I’d see’. Hear, hear Mr Howard.

Only one regular bloke grabbed by the police. He was apparently arrested for holding a flag. The noisy mob apparently cheering for Hamus were left alone, and the Albanese leader made pretty weak comments. (I am pleased to see Mr Albanese getting his act together in a Jewish religious place.) However, two of his senior ministers ‘failed to condemn whole heartedly anti-Israel preachers and activists and activists from their electorates who lead rallies celebrating Hamas’s attacks’. Other Labor men and women were failing to say any thing positive for those attacked and seemed to think every thing was ok.

Gerald Baker wrote in the Wall Street Journal: ‘we must recognise the atrocity primarily for what it is – another attempt to annihilate the Jewish people. The spectacle of paramilitaries going house to house shooting Jews, dragging their dead bodies through the streets, and brandishing them as spoils is as shocking as it is familiar. For Jews, this is their history played out in one more agonising time. Another year, another place, another pogrom. Even the state of Israel, that magnificent homeland they have built for the desert in the desert, with its world-beating technology and its fearsome security forces, can’t fully protect them from the putrid hate of anti-Semitism’.

There has been a fair bit of concern for the mighty USA to come to help in matters of this type. I am told a large ship and other help has been sent, but experts are doubted, The surprise attack and doubt about apparent support from important local nations may complicate matters. We must think how to help and give useful support.

'Slaughter of the innocents'. (Thursday 11.)

Another excellent from the Australian's major result which I have decided to put the first snippet from yesterday. Then another comment from Peta Credlin.

'When the history of the twenty-first century is written, the babies found beside their cots with their heads cut off at the Kfar Aza kubbitz at souther Isreal will symbolise the depravity of militant jihadists.' And it seems other deaths will result on a gradual effort. As soon as the the major attack of the full set of Israel men and some womenthe game shall change. The result should be horrendous, but needed.

'As Israel's death toll soared beyond 1200, Joe Biden, in an emotional television address on Tuesday, spoke of the "unadlterated evil"that had been unleashed on the world and of the "brutality of Hamas, bloodthistiness the brings to mind the worst rampages of ISIS", the Palestinian terrorists' bedfellows. "Infants in their mothers' arms. grandparents in wheelchairs, Holocast survivors abducted and held hostage."

President Joe Biden "The US has Israel's back. We're surging additional material assistance for Israel, including ammunation and intersceptors to replenish the Iron dome. We're going to make shore that Israel does not run out of these critical assets". 'Mr Biden must stand by that pledge 100 per cent. It must also receive cross-party support the US congress, unl

Is seems that the US is set to help seriously, we hope.

Still plenty of potential opposition and looking around the clear supporters, those on opposition and others sitting in a painful pose.

New a few words from Preta Credlin, the comments in current times that seem extraordinary good. Read the full article in Page 11.

"The unauthorised protestors who marched through Sydney this week spewing anti-Semitic bile and screaming "Gas the Jews" are a sign of what can happen when people make every thing about race."

"My issue with Anthony Abanese's voice project has not just been the deliberate lack if detailbut my strong objection on principle against any measure that would divide Australian by race".

And in the end; "Those voting No on Saturday are not voting against Aboriginal people, they are just voting in favour of unity and equality; and voting Yes to keeping our Constitution colorblind. Hence the consequences of a verdict against the voice should be a thorough reconstridition of all government policies that aren't designed to produce a more integrated Australian community'

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