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Havard University, No. 80

Updated: Apr 23

Niall Ferguson speaks today, from The Australian.

Three weeks ago, 'two Gaza-based terrorist groups inspiredly Islamist ideology, and backed by a tleast one government, staged a trailer for a second Holocaust in their sadism and savagery, they exceeded even the horrows perpeptrated by the Russian butchers of Bucha in Ukrane.

'The president of Harvard University ... misread the room.'

She put in a bromide statement that 'no student group ... Harward or its leadership'. With its bland title, 'War in the middle East', and its standard disclaimer that 'such inhumanity is inhumanity whatever one's individual views of the origans of longstanding conflicts in the region.' This response was crafted to appeal to Harward's overwhelmingly liberal student body and faculty.

Studies department at Berkley University, then asked how many Jews died in the Holocaust. When students answered with 'six million', the relevant teacher Logins replied 'but more].

'If that strikes as outrageous you have clearly missed the fact such is rife throughout the Anglosphere academy. None of this should come as a surprise, the culmination of many years of infiltration of our universities by the radical idelogy sometimes known for short as "wokeism".'

'Like all cults and sects, the woke have their own idiosyncratic language and rituals. For those of us determined not to surrender higher education in its etirety to wokism, there has until now been little alternative but to organise for self-defence'.

'Ultimately, Western civilisation will be rescued from the mind virus of wokeism only if we are as organised as the left has been for years. The grim altinative is that every institution eventially succumbs to the motley pathogolies of anti-racism, trans-activism and Islamism that travel in the Trogan horse marked "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion'.


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